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In 1979, ten years after the Stonewall riots, New York City's gay band was born.

At the time it was only the third such band in the United States. The spark for this novel idea came at the same time as the First National March on Washington, D.C. As New Yorkers prepared for the rally, two gay musicians, Nancy Corporon and Bob Wolff, had a dream of their own, inspired by Jon Sims, a San Francisco musician credited with founding the gay band movement. With Jon’s help, Nancy and Bob were soon posting flyers all over Christopher Street asking musicians to get their instruments out of the closet and join the ranks of a very special new band. Only one year later, that band would become the first openly gay and lesbian musical organization to perform at Lincoln Center.

Today, The Queer Big Apple Corps (the new name of the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps) is New York City’s premier symphonic and marching band. The Symphonic Band performs several concerts each year in venues ranging from Symphony Space to Carnegie Hall.

With over 250 musicians, color guard members, and Band Aides, The Queer Big Apple Corps plans to go on lifting the hearts of audiences in concert halls and along parade routes for years to come.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the LGBTQ+ community and their allies with a supportive and friendly environment for musical and artistic expression and, through performance, to promote social acceptance, equality, and harmony for all. We welcome all individuals to join us and see how artistic dedication within a social environment can create quality entertainment that challenges, educates, and encourages growth.