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How To Do

Rhode Island Pride Parade (Providence, R.I.)

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2024

Call Time for Overlay and Plume Pickup: 6:15 - 6:30 pm in the hotel lobby

Call Time at Parade Staging Area: 6:45pm SHARP

Parade Call Location: Greene Street between Washington St. and Broad St.

Truck duty: Dance Crew

This annual tradition on beautiful Narragansett Bay is generously and deliciously hosted by Leslie & Lindsay Becker. How to Get There
  • The picnic is not within walking distance from our hotel, it is a 30-minute car ride.
  • Uber/Lyft, etc. is your best and most affordable way to get there and back, and we suggest you schedule your Uber/Lyft in advance.
  • At rehearsal on June 13, we will help match you up with fellow band members to share a ride to and from the picnic! We will also announce a gathering in the hotel lobby to share rides.
  • If you’d like to bring a sweet treat or dessert to share, please do!
  • Please RSVP to attend.
  • Food! Fun! Corn hole! Need we say more?

  • Overlay and Plume pickup: 6:15-6:30pm in the hotel lobby
  • Call Time at Parade Staging Area: 6:45pm SHARP
  • Parade Call Location: Greene Street between Washington St and Broad St
  • We are in the Purple section, position 4
  • It’s a 5-minute walk from the Hilton Providence to the Staging Area
  • All our performances are rain or shine (unless there is lightning)

Uniform – Musicians:

  • White Dickies band pants
  • White 2024 marching band t-shirt, tucked into your pants
  • White Dinkles shoes
  • White Aussie hat
  • White socks
  • White or flesh-colored underwear (Trust us on this, we’ll know if you don’t!)
  • White web belt (optional)
  • Band overlay*
  • Purple plume*

* Pickup for overlays and plumes will be in the lobby of the Hilton Providence (21 Atwells Avenue, Providence RI 02903) between 6:15 and 6:30pm. Please pick up before heading to step-off. Please make sure we’ve checked you off our list when you pick up. If you will not be at the hotel, please have someone in your section pick up for your. We will not be bringing overlays and plumes to the staging area.

Uniform – Color Guard:

  • White guard pants
  • Guard top
  • White guard shoes

Uniform – Dance Crew:

  • Purple dancer pants
  • Gold dancer top
  • White dancer shoes
  • White hat and gloves
  • Fan and leg holster


It Can Get Chilly at Night
  • We’ve had a few Rhode Island Prides now when the temperature dropped significantly as the sun went down, and we were shivering during the parade.
  • In case it gets cold again this year, we recommend that you pack a long-sleeve white shirt/sweatshirt that you can wear instead of or in addition to your short-sleeved band t-shirt.
  • Hint: Your white Macy’s sweatshirt (either year) would be perfect!


  • Rhode Island Pride is an “Illuminated Night Parade”
  • We’ll have lots of glow to adorn your body, your instrument, and your hat.
  • Feel free to bring your own glow or illuminations to supplement what the band supplies.
  • Please do not use glitter or facepaint (It’s next to impossible to get off the overlays!)
  • This is a night-time parade and many streets are VERY dark, so unless you have memorized all your music, booklights or headlamps are MANDATORY.
    • 34th Street Chorale
    • Technical Warmup
    • Ballad (Turn Turn Turn)
    • The complete 2024 marching set:
      1. Flowers
      2. Lil Boo Thang
      3. Scream & Shout
      4. Fat Bottomed Girls
      5. Made You Look
      6. Poker Face


More About the Music:

  • You do not need to bring your stand-and-play music to this performance!
  • Put your music into a flip-folder (and don’t forget to bring a lyre)
  • Reminder: Bring a headlamp/booklight, this is a night parade.
  • Make sure you have a new QBAC logo placard in front of each of the 6 pieces in the marching set.

Instrument Cases and Other Bags

  • Please leave all your instrument cases and other bags in your hotel room or in your car!
  • If you’re not staying at the hotel, you may leave your personal items in the truck, however, space is limited


  • Your best bet is to use the bathroom at the hotel ahead of time.
  • Plan on there NOT being much in the way of restrooms near our call location
  • The parade is scheduled to begin at 7:45pm (15 minutes earlier than last year)
  • The parade is about 1 mile long
  • The parade route is a square through downtown Providence. We’ll end where we started on Greene Street.

  • Musicians: Return your plumes and overlays and plumes to the plume cases and overlay racks hotel lobby. (If you are staying elsewhere, please give your plume/overlay to a fellow band member to return for you.)
  • When the band hits the road, band members who are members of AA, OA, Al-Anon, CMA, NA, SLAA, etc. hold one-hour morning meetings at the host hotel.
  • To find out when and where the meetings will be held, e-mail and your query will go directly to a fellow band member who is a member of Band Friends of Bill W. (thus protecting your anonymity and that of your fellow band members).
  • All are welcome to attend!